Tuesday, May 27, 2008


My husband went golfing with a friend and his little four year old son. They walked nine holes. If you add in the running, jumping, and exploring the little boy did, he walked many more steps than his dad and Wayne. When they were on the eighth hole, Eli asked, "Dad when are we going to be through?"

His dad replied, "Just one more hole. I'm ready to go home and eat. I'm really hungry."

Eli said,"Me, too, Dad. My stomach is hungry. My feet are hungry. Even my eyeballs are hungry."

Now that's hungry!

What if we were all that hungry to know God. So hungry that even our eyeballs were hungry. What a difference it would make in our lives!

In my life, much of the time it is easy to hunger to know God to the point that my soul may "growl" a little. But, daily living sometimes gets in the way of me really hungering to know Him. The kind of hunger Eli felt. The kind of hunger that affects not only the stomach but the entire body.

May you and I hunger after knowing God the way Eli hungered after physical food.

Hungering to know God, Gloria


Nancy I. Sanders said...

Ah--now that's hungry! And yes, I join with you in praying that I may hunger after God like Eli hungered after food. Have a great day feasting in His presence! Love, Nancy

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Thanks, Nancy. I know if I hunger after God he will see to it that I am fed abundantly!