Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ignoring the Feelings and Simply Trusting

Have you ever felt empty? There's no abundant joy in your life. God's presence isn't felt in a powerful way. You feel no passion for serving God. You're going through the motions but that's about it. It's as if a paralyzing "nothingness" has pervaded your life.

Did you notice how many times I alluded to words dealing with feelings? I think most Christians have had such feelings, myself included. But, I can't bank my life on feelings. Feelings cannot always be trusted.

In the times of "nothingness" we must cling to the faithfulness of God. He has promised he will always be with us. He does not promise we will always feel his presence.

I believe faith sometimes requires ignoring feelings and simply trusting. The day will come when the feelings change. We will experience joy again. We will feel God's presence again. We will feel passionate about serving again. Rest in that truth. But, for now, we must simply trust.

Trusting, Gloria

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