Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Childhood Revisited

Have you ever had a real snow cone? Not the store bought ones that can crack your teeth if you bite into them too hard. I'm talking about a snow cone where they grind the ice into tiny crystal slivers right before your eyes, plop it into a paper cone, and press down hard to form a compact half moon. Now, that's a snow cone! When I was a child in Mississippi, it was the ultimate treat for a hot summer day when the sun and humidity joined forces to drench you in sweat.

The most difficult part of purchasing a snow cone was deciding what flavor. I was mesmerized by the names; Bubble gum, Strawberry delight, Blueberry parfait, Lemon lush. The choices seemed endless.

The first bite was the best. You crunched the tiny pieces of ice between your teeth, savoring the sweetness surrounding them. The last bite was the worst. Not because it wasn't as good as the first but because you knew it was the last.

What simple things delighted us when we were children. Growing up seems to mar that simplicity.

What happened? Why do we no longer take joy in the little things in life? Why must we have big things in order to experience those same emotions a snow cone could bring back then? Maybe we need to remember some of the simple things that brought such joy as a child and revisit them.

I'm not telling you to go out and make mud pies in the back yard. But, surely you have memories of things that brought joy to you and cost little. Revisit those. If you have children, get rid of the ipods, the video games and the computers for a bit. Enjoy simplicity! It is a wonderful gift from God and can make some wonderful memories for your children (or grandchildren).

Thanking God for the simple things, Gloria

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