Thursday, May 22, 2008

Deep Roots

The wind is blowing. For those of us who live in the High Desert that is no unusual occurrence. What is not normal is how hard it is blowing. I fear the maple trees we planted this year might snap under its force. Dust fills the air, obscuring the beautiful mountain ranges that surround us. It almost blew me over when I went to church last night. That would not be an easy feat!

This morning I looked outside to see if the trees were still standing. They were. My husband told me they would be. He said they had strong enough roots and, although they bend, they will not topple.

Ever feel like life is going to pull you out by the roots? Do you think you cannot possibly get through your problem? Don't despair! Keep the roots of your life deep in God. Trust him. You may sway a lot but you won't snap!

Praise God for the times he has gotten you through difficulties and believe he will do it again.

Blown around but not snapping, Gloria

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