Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Attack of the Monster Gate

We have gates into our property. You simply push a button to get in or out. In a few seconds, the gate closes behind you. A really great thing...most of the time.

One morning I got in the truck, pushed the button, and watched as the gate started opening. I drove partially out the gate and stopped to do something (can't remember what). It seemed I sat there only a second when I heard a kind of creaking sound. I looked toward the sound. The gate was rolling along in attack mode. It was only a few inches from the truck. Panic! What to do?

I put the truck in gear and lurched forward. I hoped to get out before the gate hit me. Didn't happen. I could hear the crunch as it scraped along the side of the truck. Not only that, the force jerked the gate off it runners.

The worst part of all this? My husband was home! To say he was not a happy camper is putting it mildly. Now we had a truck with a nice long dent in the side and a gate that didn't work.

My husband fixed the gate and tried to fix the truck. He failed on the truck. We had to call our insurance company. They paid only part of the expense of getting it fixed. They said the "accident" could have been avoided. That was a nice way of saying it was my fault!

Sometimes we make mistakes in our lives that cause damage, damage that could have been avoided. Had we been more diligent or observant, we would not have made the mistakes. As a result, negative consequences occur. Many people blame God when something happens to them. Sin always has built in consequences.

Since the "attack of the monster gate," I am very diligent and observant when I get anywhere near it! May I be as diligent and observant in regard to spiritual decisions I make.

Hoping to make better decisions in the spiritual and material world, Gloria

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