Monday, May 19, 2008

Anybody Out There?

I'm back from my camping trip. Lots of laughs around the campfire, too much food, and no worries about everyday things. Just what I needed!

Sorry I was unable to post. There was no Internet service unless you paid for a subscription. I opted not to do that. Not that you (I hope there is a YOU out there reading this) would not have been worth it. I just spent all my money on getting ready for our trip! :-D

I have no idea how many people read this blog. I once had a stat counter but somehow messed that up so I really can't say if someone reads it on a regular basis. I keep writing hoping it will bless someone.

Do you ever feel that way about God? You pray and don't feel anything. You get no immediate answer. You wonder if he is really listening. "Anybody out there," you say. You'd like to have a stat counter that registers how many times God listens to your prayers.

You don't need a stat counter. God listens to all your prayers! He may not answer immediately. He may not answer in the way you expected. He may even say no to your request because he knows it would not be good for you.

Keep praying. Keep believing God is listening. Keep waiting for his answer. That's what faith is all about!

Confident God is listening to my prayers, Gloria

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