Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spread The Word

Today I'd like to share anther story of God's provision when I was a new believer. This one is the kind you see on those TV shows about miracles (well, at least I think so.)

My husband and I were, once again, in dire need of finances. We had only five dollars to buy an entire weeks worth of groceries. Granted, five dollars bought more back then but NOT a week's worth of food.

We could have carried all that we could afford in our arms but we grabbed a cart when we walked into the store. We meandered down the isles trying to determine the very basics that were needed to eat for a whole week. It was an exasperating experience. There just wasn't enough money!

Suddenly the speaker barked out, "Will the person with the cart numbered___(don't remember the number) please come to the front of the store?" We looked down at our cart and noticed it had a number on it, the number she had called. We didn't know why they wanted the cart back. Maybe it was the personal cart of some rich customer. Maybe it needed to be repaired. Nice people that we are, we trekked up to the front of the store to return the cart.

When we arrived at the checkout counter, the manager said, "Congratulations! You've just won our grocery cart sweepstakes." He pointed to, if I recall correctly, two carts laden with groceries. I do remember there were lots and lots of groceries! We walked out of the store praising God for how marvelously he had provided for us.

If we had a chance to talk, could you say, "You know, I have a wonderful story about how God provided for me and my family?" Yours may have been a different kind of provision. Still, you know it was "a God thing."

If you can't tell me, tell someone! Tell it to your children, your grandchildren, your friends. Let's advertise the goodness of God to those around us, especially the next generation. Don't keep the stories to yourself! Spread the word.

Let's tell the world what an awesome God we have and they can have too!!

Spreading the word about the goodness and provision of God, Gloria


Catherine L. Osornio said...

What a great story to share! How can we not praise a God who is soooo good!

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Thanks, Catherine. I hope it will encourage others to think back on what God has done for them and then spread the word!