Wednesday, April 30, 2008


It's allergy time at my house. I sit here sniffing and sneezing. My nose looks like Rudolph's. If I could fly, Santa could use me for his sleigh. No, I forgot. My nose isn't so red in the winter.

The body is an amazing thing. Well, mine isn't so amazing anymore, at least on the outside. Sags, bags and wrinkles aren't what I would consider amazing. Age does that.

Still, even MY body has some amazing things going on in it. Like sneezing. I understand we sneeze because our body is trying to get rid of foreign material. I read that somewhere, I think. If I'm wrong, correct me. It would be really embarrassing to have people read my blog and me show such profound ignorance!

I believe God created us. To think he even wove into us the need to sneeze is amazing. The Bible is true when it says we are fearfully and wonderfully made!

Today, if you're not feeling special, try to conjure up a sneeze. Then begin to think about why you sneezed. That should lead to other thoughts of how wonderfully you are made. You might wind up thinking you're more special than you originally thought!

Planning on trying to sneeze every time I look in the mirror, Gloria

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