Tuesday, April 29, 2008


What makes a person significant? Is it how much money they have? What about power or position?

Most Christians will say their significance is in Jesus Christ, that because they are God's child dearly loved by him they have importance. Yet, does the way we live bear out what we say with our lips?

I often give this illustration. You are in a group and they begin sharing what their children do for a living. One person says, "My daughter is a doctor." Another says, "My son is president of his own large company." Now it's your turn. Would you be ashamed to say, "My son picks up your trash every week"?

Even as Christians, we sometimes buy into the lie that our worth has something to do with something external. Worth is an internal thing. If you do not believe that, you will live your life struggling to "amount to something" according to the world's standards. If you don't succeed in becoming what the world considers significant, you will sense shame or embarrassment that you aren't part of that group.

How easily we are trapped into conforming to the world! Just what Satan wants. He does not want us to realize how very valued we are to God, how much he loves us, no matter what our status in this world.

The Bible says we are not to be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

Do you need to be transformed when it comes to realizing what makes you significant? Renew your mind.

Don't conform to the world's thinking. Know how valuable you are to God, not based on what you have or who you are, just that he loves you. That should you make anybody feel significant!

Finding my significance in God, Gloria

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