Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I woke up at 4:15 this morning. Ugh! I wanted to sleep longer but I have a sleep disorder. It's called menopause. I thought I would be over this my now but, lucky me, I'm still in the throes of it.

I want to ask God about menopause when I get to heaven. I want to ask why men don't have this "pause" (I also wonder why it is called MEN-o-pause).

Why do I bursts into tears for no apparent reason.

Why do I wake up sweating like I've just run a marathon and find myself throwing off the covers, only to be grabbing those same covers a few minutes later because I am freezing?

Why do I sometimes have a Jekyll and Hyde personality, sweet as Milk Duds one minute, sour as unprocessed olives the next?

Why do I have trouble remembering what I walked into a room for?

Getting older has other changes. Knees ache. Hearing goes. Eyesight dwindles.

Have I depressed you sufficiently? Sorry! :(

I'm not saying I'm older. I'm still a 25 year old inside. It's just the person I see in the mirror doesn't know it!

Do you think maybe God made our bodies deteriorate so we would desire to leave this old world and be with him? If we were robust and life held no difficulty, would we really want to die and go to heaven?

I'll accept the fact that God has a purpose in this plan of deterioration. But, I'm still going to ask him about it when I get there!!

Trusting the wisdom of God, Gloria

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