Monday, April 21, 2008


I had a manicure on Saturday, my first. A dear friend called and said she wanted to treat me to one. It was nice to be pampered for a while. I will always appreciate her thoughtfulness. She knew I needed a little diversion from regular life.

Me, I'd probably buy a couple of books over getting a manicure. That's why I especially appreciated her gift.

When my children were younger they said, "Some day we may wind up eating those books because you have no money left to buy us food." It wasn't really that bad!

In those days it was Bible commentaries, books on the Bible, word studies.etc. Today, I buy all that on a CD.

I still have that "buy books" tendency. My money is usually spent on books or writing related material. Why do you think that is?

Books are one of my priorities. I may have the ugliest set of nails in the county (not right now, thanks to my friend) but, in my home, you can find LOTS of books to read, especially if you are a child or child at heart.

Don't we tend to spend our time and our money on the things that are important to us? Someone once told me that you could look at a person's checkbook and tell what their priorities are. Well, that won't work for me.

Balancing a check book? Haven't done that in years. I mostly use the ATM. I only know how much money I have in the bank because I call every few days to make sure there's still some in there.

Still I think people who really know me well know what's important to me. God, my family, my friends, God's purpose for my life, these are the things that are priorities to me.

What are your priorities? Can you tell by looking at your checkbook? Do those around you know by your lifestyle?

May our priorities be on things that are eternal and God honoring.

The lady with the nice looking nails, Gloria

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