Friday, April 11, 2008

Praise Day

I find the power of God amazing!

My grandson and I watched some DVDs yesterday on various aspects of life on this planet. They were fascinating. I was amazed at what intricacies God has placed in his creation, both animal and plant life. It confirmed to me, even more so, what an awesome God I serve.

I am also amazed that the same God who created the wonders that I watched also came down into a house in an obscure community to an obscure woman and showed his love and care.

Since we have such an amazing God, let's make today Praise Day.

Don't think you have much to praise God about? Well, start off with the basics. Do you have a house to live in? Food? Clothing? A family? Friends? That should get you started. You may find you'll get on a roll and suddenly you'll find all kinds of things for which to praise God.

What about if things aren't going well? It's even more important that you praise him. Praise will get your mind off yourself and your troubles and place them on the God of the universe, the same God that you call father. Now that's a good reason to praise him!

Try it. See if it makes a difference in your life, your attitude, your situation.

Praising no matter what, Gloria

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Nancy I. Sanders said...

Hallelujah! What a great way to start off the day, Gloria, to be challenged to make today a praise day! I'll join you in this wonderful adventure!!!!