Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Miracle Business

This is my last post about God's provision, at least for now.

When God led my husband to become a vocational evangelist, we were totally dependent on the churches and crusades he led to provide for our personal needs as well as all our ministry needs. Sometimes things got pretty tight. God always provided for both the ministry costs and us. Time and again he came through at the last minute when we had some great ministry or personal need. We came to call it "living on edge". Our kids grew up seeing God do marvelous things on our behalf. I am so glad they were blessed to see that.

One if the most exciting incidents was when we were doing ministry in Korea. Wayne had written a tract we used here in America. We felt God leading us to translate it into the Korean language. We contacted a printer in Korea and got a price. It was quite a sum of money so we told him to not print until we gave the go-ahead. We prayed more. The message was the same, print the tracts. The only problem was, we had no money to print them! We decided to do what God said. We called the printer and said, "Go ahead and print them. God will give us the money by the time it's due."

The next day, a pastor called Wayne. He had heard we were going back to Korea and needed money to print tracts. He asked, "How much do you need?" Wayne gave him the cost. The preacher said, "That's amazing. Our church took up an offering to help print the tracts. It is for that exact amount."

Do you think we doubted we had heard from God to print tracks? Not!

People think God only did miracles in Bible times. Not so! God is still in the miracle business. This very day he will reach down and do miraculous things in the lives of people. I just hope they recognize where they came from. Will you?

Believing God is still in the miracle business, Gloria

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