Thursday, April 17, 2008


I'm on a die..t. I did it that way because I wanted to emphasize the first three words. It seems that is what will happen when you are going through food withdrawal!

BIG Mac's, WHOPPERS, they get those names for a reason, you know. Heath issues aside, if I slaved in the field alongside my man all day and then went home to cook and clean, I might be able to eat one, maybe two of the aforementioned meals. However, my day is mostly spent in front of a computer. Exercise consists of moving my fingers along the keyboard or leaning back in my chair as I contemplate a next line.

I don't know exactly why restaurants decided to increase the amount of food they served. Maybe it was a restaurant war, beat the competition by advertising how much more customers would get at their restaurant. Me, I have trouble passing up a bargain whether it is apparel or food. So, it's probably people like me that caused the experiment to take hold. Sorry.

I've only been cutting down my food supply for a couple of weeks but, even now, I find I do not need as much to eat. HOWEVER, when some luscious dessert is spread across my television screen, the old hands start to shake, the eyes glaze over, the mouth starts to drool. Mr. Hyde is back!! "Resist, resist," I tell myself. As soon as the commercial is over, I become myself again. Can anybody relate here?

There is another thing I need to resist each day. It is even more important than resisting food. It is resisting doing things that are contrary to who I am as a child of God.

Like food commercials there are many things to tempt us to not act like God's child; gossip, bitterness, unforgiveness, unkind words, hatred, lack of mercy or compassion. All these will make us become fat with sin. That's not what God's child should look like. We need to act like our heavenly Father.

The key to resisting in this arena is to allow God to control our life. If we do, we will be able to resist anything Satan throws at me. Living that way guarantees victory! No spiritually fat cats!!

Trying to stay "spiritually lean," Gloria

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Sheryl Crawford said...

Yes! I CAN identify with all that you said. Drooling in front of the TV when there's a cheesecake commercial is SO embarrassing!