Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hair Pulling

Ever feel like pulling your hair out? Don't. You'll need it when you get older. I once had a very thick head of hair. Now, thanks to age and a thyroid problem, I wonder if there will be any left by the the time I hit my seventies!

Hair is important to a lady. Men can get by without it. They go so far as to shave their heads. Women don't seem to have that same choice. Do YOU see many women with shaved heads walking around?

I understand the term "pulling your hair out" to mean you are having difficulty dealing with your situation. We all face "hair pulling" times in our lives, times when we feel we can't handle one more thing or can't possibly get through another day.

Spare the hair for your later years. I have a better solution. Roll your burdens on God. He loves you and wants to help you. Reach out to him. He will gladly take those burdens and place them on himself. In their place, he will give you peace in the middle of all those anxious times. Not a bad swap, eh?

No hair pulling today, Gloria

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