Thursday, April 10, 2008

Encouragement From God

God is so good! His timing is impeccable.

Have you ever been down in the dumps and had someone call or send a card saying they're thinking about you and praying for you?

Have you ever been going through something you thought had to be the most horrific thing anybody faced and then hear or read about someone going through something you doubt you could bear?

Have you thought your burdens were just more than you could bear and then have God lead you to the perfect scripture verse that gave you strength to carry on?

I call these "God moments". It's when God intervenes on your behalf.

These are not just randomly thrown out words of encouragement. They are specific. Like a tailor made suit, they are the very thing you need at the time. How much God must love us to do that for us!

Know God loves you. He cares about everything that is going on in your life. He will provide the needed encouragement to get you through whatever it is you are facing. Now, that's an awesome God!

Thankful for a caring God, Gloria

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