Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Climbing Stones

Have you ever felt God was putting on you more than you could bear? I have.

I sometimes struggle with what God puts me through. I want to scream, "God, stop. I can't handle any more of this." Still, stones of trouble keep rolling into my life until they have made a wall that seems to block me from any peace. I feel trapped, helpless and hopeless.

Then, deep back from somewhere within me, comes a small voice. "God loves you," the voice whispers.

The voice whispers another question, a penetrating question. It asks,"What are you willing to go through that God's glory can be shown?"

How can God possible get glory out of our suffering? We might ask Jesus that question. Didn't his suffering bring glory to God?

I'm not comparing us to Jesus. I'm saying, if we are willing to go through the days, weeks, years, of suffering God has ordained for us in the right way, we show to the people we influence, the devil and his angels, and the heavenly hosts, that God is right in his dealings with man.

When we have passed through the fire, and been refined we are stronger, more conformed to the image of Jesus and a joy to our Father. He loves to see his kids pass the test!

Like me, do you feel the stones of trouble have walled you in and you feel hopeless? God is doing a work in us. We have to hang on to the fact that God loves us more than we can imagine. The light will shine again. And, even if it does not here in this life, there is a place awaiting us that will be even more precious because of the suffering we go through down here.

Climbing over the stones to get to God, Gloria

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