Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I am a collector. Not the kind that buys expensive things that may someday be of value. I collect what my husband thinks is junk.

I didn't mean to be a collector. It just happened. One Christmas I bought a Santa. I bought another the next year. The year after that, I thought it might be nice to have three Santas together. Thus began the yearly buying of a Santa to add to my collection.

Next came angels, little angels, big angels, ceramic angels, angels playing instruments, on and on it goes.

I'm not finished yet. I haven't mentioned my snowmen collection, my nutcrackers or my village of homes and shops I am creating. No wonder my husband has declared that I must stop collecting things or he will have to build a larger barn (we now have a 64x40 barn) or open up a shop to sell all this stuff!

My husband is right, in a way. All these things I have collected are just "stuff" (I refuse to call it junk). My enjoyment of them is for a few months in the winter. I really don't cherish them. They have no real value in the scheme of my life. If the truth be known, I would not spend much time bemoaning the loss of them.

The things I truly cherish are more permanent, some even eternal, my relationship to my heavenly father and his Son, Jesus, my family, my friends.

What do you cherish? Are they things that can be taken away or are they things that can stand time and eternity.

Hoping to cherish the right things, Gloria

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