Monday, April 7, 2008

Basic Needs

Recently a friend helped us with some things that needed fixing around our house. Since we knew they were having a bit of a financial struggle we made the check out for a good amount. When I gave him the check, he said it was too much. I insisted it was not and then shared with him how God had used other people to help us when we were in the same situation they were in now.

For the next couple of days, I would like to share two of the ways God showed himself powerful in providing the very basic needs in our lives.

When I got married I was a new Christian. I had never knowingly seen God work in peoples lives. I had never seen how he provides for their basis needs, sometimes in very powerful ways.
I soon learned for myself how God intervenes in the lives of his children. This is one of the ways he did it for us.

We were serving in a small church that paid, to say the least, a minimal amount. They did provide us with a place to live, a block structure directly behind the church that had been the former Sunday School classes (more about that building later.)

My husband was attending seminary so not only the basics such as tithe, food, and clothing had to come out of the paycheck, but also his tuition, fuel, and books. He worked on Mondays with his dad land surveying and also got a job as a shoe salesman. Still we struggled.

One day we had come to the last of the groceries. There were some sweet potatoes, oil, and flour left. I sliced the sweet potatoes, fried them in oil (like any true southerner would do) and then used the oil and flour to make gravy. I put the sweet potatoes on our plates and poured the gravy over them. (Now, don't feel too sorry for us. Southerners like this kind of meal.) I guess you could call this our "last supper," or so I thought.

As we were eating, someone knocked on our door. When we opened the door, a man stood there with a large box filled with groceries. He said he thought we might need a few things. Boy, was he right! We thanked him and went inside to see what delicacies we had been given.

This was the first of many times I saw God show himself powerful in our lives. It was a wonderful way to start off my Christian life, seeing that God would meet even my basic needs.

Every time I recall this event in our lives, it brings me to tears, praise, and thanksgiving that the Almighty God, creator of heaven and earth, would take the time to look down on two of his young children who were trying to serve him and then put into motion a means of helping them.

Do you need God to provide for you financially, emotionally, spiritually? Ask him. Then wait as he puts into motion a means of providing for you. He never withholds what is good for you.

Praising God for remembered blessings, Gloria

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