Thursday, March 13, 2008


Yikes! It's 6:50 and I don't have this blog written.

7:02 One paragraph written. Five deleted. At this rate, I may have the blog written by noon.

7:08 Still staring at screen. Please be patient. I think I feel a thought coming on!

7:15 The brain is working. I can hear it. Almost ready.

7:18 Still concentrating. If there's anything in there, it's refusing to reveal itself.

7: 20 Brain short circuited. Nothing, not even a whirring sound.

Please don't blame me. It's really not my fault. This daylight savings time thing has messed up my schedule and now my brain has to be re-programmed.

Okay, I take responsibility. My brain has gone on vacation. What can I say? Hopefully I can retrieve it soon.

I am going to solve my problem and yours. I'm going to stop trying to put anything else down.

As we say in the south, "You can't get blood out of a turnip." And, I can't get anything out of this brain.

Check back tomorrow and see if the re-programming has been successful.

For those of you who have suffered through to this paragraph, may you be blessed.

7:38 Surrendered



Catherine L. Osornio said...

At least you gave a few attempts before you totally surrendered. Waiting to see what the re-programming brings...

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Catherine, you are a true friend. You actually read to the final paragraph!

P.S. This daily blogging is really a challenge, at which I am sometmes failing!!