Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I love recipes. That doesn't mean I use them. I just collect them!

My husband tells everyone that the first two ingredients to all my recipes are, "go to the garage and get in the car." I don't deny I prefer having someone else prepare my meals. I especially love that I don't have to clean up!

I don't even have to spend money on cook books anymore. I subscribe to sites that send recipes right to my email box. Convenient...and cheaper! I browse through the recipes and choose those I think I would like to prepare. I print them out and slide them into a binder I got at Costco (Oh, right. I was going to talk about Costco, if I remembered. Obviously, I didn't!).

I have been collecting recipes for several years now. In all that time, I have used maybe a dozen recipes from those I have collected.

Kind of dumb, don't you think?

Maybe you're saying, "If the recipes are worth all the trouble of printing and putting in the folder, why doesn't she use them?" Good question. I just don't have a good answer!

It reminds me of some other recipes. I don't even have to go to the trouble of printing them out. They are already in book form.

These recipes are for living an abundant life. They are found in the pages of the Holy Bible.

God has left us this wonderful source of information that will bring purpose and meaning to our lives. What do we do with it? Like my food recipes, we often refuse to open the book, take out the recipes, and apply them to our lives. What a waste!

We could be feasting on delicacies that would feed our hungry souls. Our lives could be a fragrant, sweet, aroma to God and to those around us.

How about it? Shall we delve into the Bible and see what great recipes God has given us? But, we aren't going to stop there. We're actually going to use them!

Searching for some recipes I WILL use, Gloria

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Catherine L. Osornio said...

God's recipes are perfect - never raw or overcooked. He's the master chef of our lives. Thanks for the great analogy!