Tuesday, March 18, 2008


It is finished! I have completed the narration for our Easter musical. I feel such a sense of relief!

I had less than two weeks to do this (not because of the neglect of others but because of a change of plans).

I prayed each day as I sat down at my computer. I asked God to take these fingers and use them to his glory. It has been a wonderful experience. I have prayed, cried, and praised as I wrote the words. Now, I give what God has given me and ask that he use it in the way he wants.

I am also the kind of person who will say, "Oh. it's terrible. I could have done better. I wish I had had more time." Self-doubt is a terrible thing!

Can you guess where those thoughts come from? The Devil. He loves to make us doubt ourselves, our abilities, and our gifts of service to God. "Someone else could have done it better," we say (there are always those who will pridefully say that they could have!).

If God gave the assignment to US to do, we must trust that we will do it better than anyone else could. Why? Because it is OUR assignment. Besides, I think God is more concerned with our willingness to be his servants than he is in the results of what we do.

If we do our best, under the leadership of God's Holy Spirit, we can be confident God will use it.

So, I lay the words I have written on the altar. I ask God to use them to glorify himself and his Son. That is all I can do. My task is done. Now, I wait to see what God will do with them.

Do you question your ability to be used by God? Don't let doubt keep you from doing what God wants you to do. Let the Holy Spirit live his life out through you. Let him guide your life. Do what he tells you to do and let him take care of the results!

Waiting and trusting God with my gift, Gloria

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