Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Like, I Don't Like

Don't you just love the daylight savings time change? I was able to be outside at 7:30 in the evening and still have some daylight.

What about other changes? There are some I like, some I don't.

I like the fact that the changing of time has brought me grandchildren. I don't like that I can't see them as often as I want to.

I like the fact that, as I have gotten older, I have gotten a little wiser. I don't like that I often forget what I know!

I like the fact that I now have more discretionary funds so I can purchase things. I don't like the fact that I don't have the desire nor energy to go shopping for them!

I like the fact that our town now has a Barnes and Nobles. I don't like the fact that, if I forget my glasses when I go there, I can't read a word from any of the books!

I like the fact that I have the freedom of an empty nest. I don't like the fact that those precious years flew by so rapidly!

I like the fact that age brings freedoms. I don't like the fact that it also brings aches and pains and the inability to enjoy all the freedom you have.

All that said, isn't life a great adventure; the good and bad jumbled up together? I can tell you, the "I like" in my life has far exceeded the "I don't like"!

God ordained all my days. He wove good and bad to make the pattern of my life. Since he never makes a mistake, who am I to question what he wove in (although, when I get to heaven, I do have a few questions about this getter older stuff! :D)?

Thankful for all that God has put in my life (but liking some better than others)! Gloria


Anonymous said...

Hi Gloria,

I, too, enjoy the extra daylight in the evening, BUT...I DETEST getting up "an hour earlier" in the morning. My body just does not co-operate!!! I'm like the animals :-) my body (and mind) wants to stay on the same schedule. Sad to say, I've been a BEAST for the last couple of days...but with God's help it's getting better. I go through this every year, and it's NO fun!
Thanks for an interesting blog.
P.S. Sorry...I'm not going to Writer's Day this year.

Nancy I. Sanders said...

Hi Gloria,
Yes, life is a grand adventure! I guess the hard times help us appreciate the good times all the better and take time to say "Thank You" to the One who gave us life in the first place!

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Yes, Nancy. Why is it so easy for us to complain about the bad times and let them overshadow all the good things God gives us?

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

I know what you mean. I, the early bird, had to drag myself out of bed this morning! The people who think up all this stuff about time change don't realize how much they are messing with our brains and our bodies! Oh, well. I guess this is one of those, I like, I don't like things, right?


P.S. I'll try to take good notes at the Writer's Day and fill everyone in later.