Friday, March 14, 2008


How's your weather? The wind is blowing where I live.

People in our area are in two camps. Some hate the wind, others accept is as part of living here.
I fall in the latter camp.

I admit it is a real pain when it comes to good grooming. You can fix your hair into the best "do" and walk out the door looking like a million. It takes the wind about thirty seconds to undo your "do". Most women here have just given up and accepted a messy hairstyle as part of the territory (literally).

I especially love the wind in the summer. Although a bother, it is the only thing that makes living here bearable. Scorching sun and temperatures that can easily hit the 100's would make for a very miserable existence were it not for the wind that blows in and soothes the savage sun's rays.

So, like with Costco, I have a love-hate relationship with the wind. I don't like always looking like a gaggle of geese have taken up residence in my hair (I know they usually say mice but mice couldn't do enough damage to be used as an example, AND I'm trying to stay away from cliches). Still, I would dispair without its shelter from the heat.

God sends wind, too. Sometimes the wind is to undo our "do". We've made wrong decisions, are going in the wrong direction or have just ignored his presence. The wind gets our attention and we choose his "do" instead of our own.

Sometimes the wind comes simply because he is trying to make us look better. We may tend to argue that we don't need a makeover but he knows we do. So, the wind blows and we despair but when he has completed the changes he wanted to make, we really do look better!

Sometimes the wind comes to cool our spirit, to give us relief from the struggles and pains of life. The wind kisses our face and makes us smile again.

So, you see, wind is a good thing. Although we would prefer the wind always be with the intention of kissing our face, all are equally important. Whatever wind you are experiencing, embrace it as a gift from God.

With my face to the wind, Gloria

P.S. More about Costco on Monday (if I remember!).

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Nancy I. Sanders said...

I guess March is the month for wind! What a great visual to take with me through the day today. Thanks, Gloria!