Monday, March 17, 2008


Here in California you can hear languages from around the world. Try going to any of our famous attractions out here and your ears will be bombarded with strange sounding languages.

I've thought about trying to learn another language but I haven't gotten English down just yet so I keep hesitating. I do think it won't be as hard to learn another language as it is for others to learn ours.

Who exactly put our vocabulary together? It's possible they taught me the answer to that question in school. Those days are so far behind me I hardly remember GOING to school.

I do think whoever it was must have been a little sadistic. For instance, why do we have bear and bare, hare and hair, bore and boar. Or, how about words that are spelled the same yet mean different things. For example, date and date. Surely they could have made it a little less difficult to learn!

Can you imagine someone who has learned only what the word hare means and you tell them you're going to cut your hair? Think what is going on in their mind! Or how about if they have learned only the word date to mean someone you go out with and you say, "I ate fourteen dates this morning." They may think, CANNIBAL!, then turn and run!

Language does separate us. But, I have found some things that transcends the language barrier. Not only do they transcend languages, they break down walls of dissension. They ease tension. They bring comfort. They're simple things, not complicated like our language. Anyone can learn and apply them.

You're probably thinking, "Okay, all right, enough! Talk about sadistic. Just tell me what they are!"

Okay, are you ready? Drum roll, please. They are a smile, a hug, and a touch. Sorry if you were thinking it would be something more profound. I DID tell you they were simple.

I'm not telling you to go around hugging strangers. Save that for closer acquaintances. A smile is acceptable for anyone. Some will not respond to your smile. Others will respond by smiling back. Even those who do not smile back may be thinking, "There are still some nice people left in this world."

Hugs should be given liberally to those we know well. Hugs communicate love. Hugs communicate acceptance. Hugs just make you feel good!

Even a simple touch communicates you care. There are so many people in the world who need to know someone cares!

You may not know another language or be able to communicate with someone who does not know your native tongue. You CAN communicate smiles, hugs, and touches. So, today, spread these simple but profound gifts to those you come in contact with. You may find it not only makes their life better but yours as well!

Smiling, hugging, touching, Gloria


Catherine L. Osornio said...

Thanks for the simple reminder, Gloria. Reaching out to give you a smile and a hug!

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Thanks for the smile and hug, Catherine!


Nancy I. Sanders said...

Smiles and hugs to both of you! Have a great day!
Love, Nancy

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

And to you, our fearless leader!