Monday, March 31, 2008

Guarding The Character of Others

Wow! I almost forgot.

Can you believe that after not being able to write my blog for a week I almost forgot to write this morning? Well. those who know me well don't find this a revelation. I'm always doing such things.

I am so thankful I have people around me who accept me as I am. They put up with things that must, at times, be irritating. Okay, maybe lots of times. They are not critical. They do not belittle me to our other friends. They are true friends. Not the kind that smile at you and then talk about you when you're not around.

What makes some people forgiving of the faults of others while others are quick to criticize and condemn? Why do some people see the faults of others more than they see the good in them?

Could it be because when we criticize the faults of others it makes us look better? Or, maybe it's just because we have allowed ourselves to become critical and a gossip without really intending to do so.

Think about your conversations over the last week or so. What were they filled with? Did you build up others with your words? Did you speak kindly about another person or condemn them?
Would you like to have people saying things about you that you have said about others?

It is so easy to allow our tongues to destroy instead of build up!

"Well, if it's true, what's wrong with telling someone about it?"

It's wrong because it is not godly conversation.

We need to guard our tongue. We need to realize when we talk negatively about another person to others we are slandering their character. We make them look bad.

Today, let's put a guard on our tongues. I warn you, it won't be easy. Everything in our old flesh will cry out to say something bad about another person (behind their back, of course). We can resist! If we win this battle, God will be pleased, another person's character will not have been tarnished, and we will have won a spiritual victory in our life. Sounds good to me!

Hoping I can practice what I preach today, Gloria

P.S. I hope I remember to post tomorrow. If I'm not posted by 10, email me. I'm not proud. I need all the help I can get!! :D

One more thing: Thanks to my son for posting the news about no access to the internet. He was kind of funny, don't you think?


Nancy I. Sanders said...

Welcome back, Gloria! I missed your blogs!

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Thanks, Nancy. Now if I can remember to post again tomorrow!!