Monday, March 24, 2008

Creating Memories

The last several days, along with Easter preparations, I have been getting ready to take a trip.

While we are away, I will see my grandchildren. That is what I'm really looking forward to!
I've already planned fishing, golf (the eight year old granddaughter got PINK golf clubs for Easter!) and swimming. And, that's just on the first day!

I want my grandchildren to remember me when I'm gone. I want them to be able to say, "Remember when Nanny....". Because of that, I intentionally plan things that will make good memories. I did it with their mom and dad and now I'm doing it with them.

It's an awesome thing that what we do or say can become a permanent part of another persons life.

Memories can be pulled up at will. Or, sometimes it's a word, a sound, or a smell that will draw the memory out of the recesses of our mind. We will smile as we remember, sometimes even laugh out loud. At other times, when the memory begins to form in our mind, we try to squash it back into our brains, refusing to let it see the light.

We have a wonderful opportunity to create memories for those we love, the kind of memories that are brought out again and again because they bring so much pleasure.

God has also given us the ability to create memories that will bring glory to him.

When we are loving and kind, share our faith in a caring way, when we help a neighbor or a stranger, we are creating a memory the Holy Spirit can call up in the future. If the ones we share with know we are Christians, that memory may draw the person to a personal relationship with Jesus. What an awesome thought!

Start today. Consciously do things you know will create a good memory for the future. It will bless you and those for whom you create the memory. Let's do our part in seeing people have good memories to recall!

Trying to create memories that will bless, Gloria

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Nancy I. Sanders said...

Can I come with you? Your trip sounds so wonderful! And thanks for the great reminder of how important it is to spend quality time with our kids and grandkids!