Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Since my husband was gone last week, I had no meals to prepare (I do try to serve him at least one a day). So, I began working on projects around the house. Our counter tops are all granite. They need to be sealed every year. I tackled that as my first project.

I cleaned the counters, poured sealer product on, rubbed it in, waited a few minutes, and then wiped it off. Next I polished the granite. The counters sparkled under the lights!

The next few days I was very careful in the kitchen. I didn't want to see the counters get dirty (Another good reason not to cook!). It was an impossible endeavor. Water spots, a few crumbs and other things I didn't recognize appeared. It became obvious I was going to have to continue to work if the counter tops were going to stay clean.

It made me think of a spiritual comparison. Jesus has come and cleaned me up, made me a new creation. I'm "brand spankin' clean," as they say. I shine like my counters! That's what a commitment to Christ did for me.

The comparison stops there.

It took work on my part to make my counters clean. There was nothing I could do to clean myself up. He did all the work on the Cross. All I did was accept it as a gift. And, it was permanent. No having to redo it again!

Have you thanked Christ today for doing for you what you could not do for yourself? Now might be a good time!

Thanking God that my shine is not based on how good I clean but on Jesus, Gloria

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Catherine L. Osornio said...

Glad to be "brand spankin' clean", too!