Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bible Drills for a Pastor's Wife

Part II. The New Bride ----Please hang with me here. I'll try and make this short.

I had become a new believer, a new bride, AND a new pastor's wife in less than 18 months. The last of the three scared me the most.

Have you ever heard of a pastor's wife who didn't know what books were in the Bible? I assumed our church members would expect me to know such a basis thing. Duh, I was young but I wasn't stupid (I may have to rethink that last statement).

While Wayne was away at seminary, I would get my Bible off the shelf, turn to the front where all the books were listed, and try to memorize them. After I felt I had that down, I started trying to find just exactly where in the Bible each book was located. I did pretty good with Genesis and Revelation (for you newbies, they are the first and last books of the Bible) but Nahum and Habakkuk stumped me more than once.

When Wayne came home from seminary, I would have my own little Bible drill. He would yell out a book, such as Habakkuk. Ten minutes later I would yell out, "I found it!" Thus was my entry into knowing God's Word.

Lots of years have passed since those early Bible drills. Back then I did not know what a prized possession I held in my hand. Today, I do. The Bible is my gift from a loving God to his child. Between its covers I find peace, hope, joy, and comfort. I even see what my eternal future is to be. WHAT A TREASURE!!!

What about your Bible? Do you know what wonderful things can be found between its covers?Spend time reading it. It's God gift to you!

Realizing the treasure my Father has given me (but still struggling with finding Habakkuk), Gloria

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Nancy I. Sanders said...

Wow! All in 18 months! You're brave. And yes, what a treasure we have in the Word!